UBEC 12A (3-14S)
UBEC 12A (3-14S)
UBEC 12A (3-14S)
UBEC 12A (3-14S)
UBEC 12A (3-14S)

UBEC 12A (3-14S)



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UBEC 12A (3-14S) is a synchronous step-down regulator from a high voltage or widely varying input supply. It draws the DC voltage from a 3-14S LiPo battery and drops the voltage to a level suitable for receivers and other electronic devices and keeps providing the stable current output of up to 12Amp. The output voltage can be adjusted by the onboard DIP switches


  • High efficiency DC-DC regulator chip for transfer efficiency of over 90%
  • Adjustable output voltage (6.0V/7.2V/8.0V/9.2V) applicable for devices with different voltages
  • 4-channel parallel header pin outputs for servos
  • XT30 output for high current devices
  • Multiple protections including over-current, (output end) short circuit, overheat, and low-voltage cutoff
  • Metal housing for quick heat dissipation and less electromagnetic interference.


  • Input voltage: 3~14S (XT30)
  • Output voltage: 6.0V/7.2V/8.0V/9.2V (Adjustable by using onboard DIP Switches)
  • Output Current 
    • Continuous: 12A
    • Burst: 24A
  • Size: 48x33.6x16.3 mm
  • Weight: 47.8g


Unit in milimeter


Package Includes

  • 1x UBEC Power Module
  • 1x XT30 18AWG Cable
  • 1x DuPont 3P Cable

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