Kakute G4 AIO FC w/ 35A ESC (AM32)
Kakute G4 AIO FC w/ 35A ESC (AM32)
Kakute G4 AIO FC w/ 35A ESC (AM32)
Kakute G4 AIO FC w/ 35A ESC (AM32)
Kakute G4 AIO FC w/ 35A ESC (AM32)
Kakute G4 AIO FC w/ 35A ESC (AM32)
Kakute G4 AIO FC w/ 35A ESC (AM32)
Kakute G4 AIO FC w/ 35A ESC (AM32)

Kakute G4 AIO FC w/ 35A ESC (AM32)



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The Holybro Kakute G4 AIO FC w/ 35A ESC is a powerful and compact fight controller + 4in1 ESC All-in-One board that is plug and play with digital systems such as the DJI O3 at full power. It also works with analog systems due to the onboard OSD chip. The FC on this AIO uses a G4 processor, and the 4in1 ESC uses four F4 processors running AM32 firmware.

It has STM32G4 MCUs, ICM-42688p gyro, 5V & 10V BEC, 16MB of flash storage, DSP310 baro, plug & play port for digital VTX, and 35A 4in1 ESC, all in a small form factor weighing only 7.5g.

It also comes in a super-hydrophobic nano-waterproof coating. This coating allows air to pass through while avoiding water, giving extra protection from moisture and other elements.


  • AIO board with G4 Processor FC & F4 ESC
  • 35A ESC¬†running AM32 firmware, capable of up to 6S
  • 10V/2.5A BEC for DJI O3 Air Unit
  • Digital VTX port¬†
  • Superhydrophobic Nano Coating


Flight Controller

  • MCU: STM32G473
  • Gyro: ICM42688
  • Baro:¬†DPS310
  • BEC
    • 5V/3A
    • 10V/2.5A
  • Blackbox: 128Mbit (16MB) Flash
  • OSD: AT7456
  • UART: 5 total
  • Betaflight firmware target:¬†KAKUTEG4AIO

4in1 ESC:

  • AM32 firmware with F4 MCU
  • Input Voltage: 2S-6S
    • For input voltage below 4S, 10V BEC output cannot be used
    • For input voltage below 3S, both the 10V & 5V BEC output cannot be used
  • PWM Frequency 8k to 48k
  • Supports
    • DShot 150/300/600/1200
    • MultiShot/OneShot/Proshot/PWM etc.
    • ESC telemetry
  • Onboard analog current sensor
  • Metal MOSFETs for better heat dissipation¬†
Mechanical Specification
    • Mounting -¬†25 x 25mm/ő¶3mm hole with ő¶2mm Grommets
    • Dimension - 33x33mm
    • Weight - 7.5g



      • 1X KAKUTE G4 AIO 35A
      • 1x Capacitor 35V 470¬ĶF
      • 2X¬†6 Pin SH1.0- 8 Pin GHR1.25¬† Cable (DJI VTx)
      • 1X 6 Pin¬†SH1.0 Cable
      • 4X¬†M2 Anti-Vibration Silicone Grommet Insert


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