Pixhawk 6X (ICM-45686)
Pixhawk 6X (ICM-45686)
Pixhawk 6X (ICM-45686)
Pixhawk 6X (ICM-45686)
Pixhawk 6X (ICM-45686)
Pixhawk 6X (ICM-45686)
Pixhawk 6X (ICM-45686)
Pixhawk 6X (ICM-45686)
Pixhawk 6X (ICM-45686)
Pixhawk 6X (ICM-45686)
Pixhawk 6X (ICM-45686)
Pixhawk 6X (ICM-45686)
Pixhawk 6X (ICM-45686)
Pixhawk 6X (ICM-45686)
Pixhawk 6X (ICM-45686)

Pixhawk 6X (ICM-45686)



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Note: Currently shipping REV 8, it has 3x ICM-45686 IMU with BalancedGyro™ Technology

Key Design Points

  • Redundancy: 3x ICM-45686 IMU sensors (±32g) with BalancedGyro™ technology & 2x Barometer sensors
  • High performance STM32H753 Processor with clock speed up to 480 MHz
  • Modular flight controller: separated IMU, FMU, and Base system connected by a 100-pin & a 50-pin Pixhawk® Autopilot Bus connector.
  • Triple redundancy domains: Completely isolated sensor domains with separate buses and separate power control
  • All New advanced durable vibration isolation material with resonance frequency in the higher spectrum
  • Ethernet interface for high-speed mission computer integration
  • Temperature-controlled IMU board, allowing optimum working temperature of IMUs

All new Vibration Isolation Design

This new vibration isolation design uses same custom-formulated durabile silicone-based isolation material as the Pixhawk 6X Pro, in place of the traditional foam design. Backed by extensive R&D and testing, it offers optimal IMU damping characteristics with resonance frequency in the higher spectrum, perfect for industrial and commercial drone


  • The Rev 8 Version is support in PX4 1.14.3 release and later. Ardupilot 4.5.0 stable release and later. Ardupilot firmware can be flash via Mission Planner or QGroundControl.
  • Power module comparison chart


Processors & Sensors

  • FMU Processor: STM32H753
    • 32 Bit Arm® Cortex®-M7, 480MHz, 2MB flash memory, 1MB RAM
  • IO Processor: STM32F103
    • 32 Bit Arm® Cortex®-M3, 72MHz, 64KB SRAM
  • On-board sensors (Shipping Currently, Rev8)
    • Accel/Gyro: 3x ICM-45686 (with BalancedGyro™ Technology)
    • Barometer: ICP20100 & BMP388
    • Mag: BMM150
  • On-board sensors (Previous Revision, Rev 3/4)
    • Accel/Gyro: BMI088/ICM-20649
    • Accel/Gyro: ICM-42688-P
    • Accel/Gyro: ICM-42670-P
    • Mag: BMM150
    • Barometer: 2x BMP388

Electrical data

  • Voltage Ratings:
    • Max input voltage: 6V
    • USB Power Input: 4.75~5.25V
    • Servo Rail Input: 0~36V
  • Current Ratings:
    • Telem1 output current limiter: 1.5A
    • All other port combined output current limiter: 1.5A

Mechanical data

  • Dimensions
    • Flight Controller Module: 38.8 x 31.8 x 16.8mm
    • Standard Baseboard: 52.4 x 102 x 16.7mm (Aluminum)
    • Mini Baseboard: 43.4 x 72.8 x 14.2 mm
  • Weight
    • Flight Controller Module: 31.3g
    • Standard Baseboard: 72.5g (Aluminum)
    • Mini Baseboard: 26.5g

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