Attending & Sponsoring the PX4 Developer Summit 2022 & 2023

Group photo taken during PX4 Developer Summit 2023

We're excited to share our incredible experiences at the PX4 Developer Summit 2022 and 2023. These events brought together a dynamic mix of PX4 enthusiasts, developers, students, and our valued customers. As we reflect on these summits, we are thrilled to showcase the vibrant community and the advancements in the world of the open-sourced drone technology.

Engaging with the PX4 Community: One of the highlights of the PX4 Developer Summit was the opportunity to connect with the brilliant minds behind PX4. We engaged in insightful discussions, learned about the latest updates, and exchanged ideas with fellow developers. These interactions not only strengthened our understanding of PX4 but also fostered new collaborations that will undoubtedly contribute to the future of drone technology.

Lorenz Meier (Founder of PX4), Jordi Muñoz (Founder of 3DR), Ramón Roche (GM of DroneCode), Vince Poon (CTO of Holybro), Jinger Zheng (Hackster Contest Manager)

Showcasing Holybro Innovations: As an active participant in the PX4 ecosystem, we took the opportunity to showcase some of our latest innovations. We demonstrated how Holybro continues to push the boundaries of drone technology, providing solutions that empower developers and enthusiasts alike. From hardware to software, we're committed to contributing to the growth of the PX4 community.

Vince Poon showing new products to customer

Meeting Students and Future Innovators: The summit was not just a gathering of seasoned developers; it was also a hub for aspiring students eager to delve into the world of autonomous systems. We had the privilege of meeting and mentoring students, sharing our experiences, and witnessing the enthusiasm that will undoubtedly shape the future of the drone industry. We also hosted a Drone building session in 2022 and gave away all the drones that were built during the event. 

An photo taken during PX4 Developer Summit 2022

Networking and Building Relationships: Beyond the technical aspects, the PX4 Developer Summit provided a platform for building meaningful relationships. We connected with existing customers, received valuable feedback, and explored ways to enhance our products to better meet the evolving needs of the community. 

Vince Poon (Holybro CTO) with Iain Galloway (NXP Program Manager), Ramon Roche (Dronecode), and Gerald Peklar (NXP Project Manager)

The PX4 Developer Summit was a journey of exploration, learning, and collaboration. We are grateful for the experiences and connections made, and we look forward to the continued growth and success of the PX4 community.

Thank you for being part of the community!